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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Charlatan’s Conquest, by Vivien Dean

QSFer Vivien Dean has a new MM paranormal book out: With love and ghosts, the challenge is figuring out what’s real. Software engineer Cruz Guthrie needs money for his sister’s cancer treatments. He needs it so badly he’s willing to stand in for a ghost hunter friend and investigate a millionaire’s supposed specters. It should be an easy gig—after all, nobody thinks the haunting is real. Neurological researcher Brody Weber is furious that Cruz would take advantage of Brody’s father. But his mind changes when spirits manifest—and he realizes Cruz genuinely wants to help. When they learn the paranormal activity … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Carolina Daemonic 2nd Edition, by Brian Barr

Carolina Demonic

QSFer Brian Barr has a new MM paranormal alternative history book out: It’s 2020. The South won the Civil War and achieved manifest destiny in the United States. Great Britain, known as Victoria, and China, have maintained their empires. American slavery was abolished in the late 20th century instead of the late 19th century. Steam powered machinery and electricity make up the bulk of modern technology. In the shadows of the Confederacy, there is magic. Esoteric sciences arcane and archaic survive from forgotten times, and strange demonic creatures wander through the slums of Charleston… Enter Carolina Daemonic. In an alternative … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Metatrons Pytho, by Phoenix Hell

Metatron's Pytho

QSFer Phoenix Hell has a new MM paranormal book out: Pytho: The ancient name for Delphi; root word for Pythia. Meet Lorcan Thompson AKA Cory Cane, an adult entertainment performer. He’s found out some startling things about himself; like the fact his mate is an all powerful Angel with powers on par with Alastair, King of the Divine Presence. And let’s not forget that his father kept the secret of whom his mother really is, A Goddess by the name of Hecate. Also the powers that were awoken in him, makes him an all powerful Pytho. Metatron, Prince of the … Read more

ANNOUCEMENT: Feather and Scroll, by M.D. Grimm

Feather and Scroll

QSFer M.D. Grimm has a new MM paranormal book out: Agent Pan has spent most of his adult life protecting shape-shifters from the Knights—an organization bent on their annihilation—and keeping the secret war in the shadows where it belongs. But the Knights are growing bolder, and a new threat has resurfaced after being buried in the ocean for decades. The ancient scroll, a key to a devastating weapon, is now in the hands of a recalcitrant Russian hawk shifter named Viktor. As a bird shifter, he knows his duty is to protect the scroll, but he wants nothing to do … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Storm Lords, by Ravon Silvius

The Storm Lords

QSFer Ravon Silvius has a new MM Fantasy book out: The heat took everything from Rowen: his parents, his voice when the local cure for heatstroke poisoned him, and the trust of his fellow villagers, who branded him a water thief. It would have claimed his life when he was deemed unworthy of precious resources and left in the sun to die, had not a strange man named Kristoff ridden in on the wind and told Rowen he had power. Rowen works hard to become a Storm Lord, one of a secret magical group that brings storms to break the … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Wilde Stories Anthology

Wilde Stories 2017

QSFer Nathan Burgoine has a story in a new gay speculative fiction anthology: A man named Turing visits a museum to see its rarest automata; during the Plague Years, three artists seeking to express a voice for their friends lost to AIDS unwittingly create life; a far-future restaurant offers patrons questionable cuisine; an immortal assassin may be one step closer to a paranoid king, despite his unspeakable precautions; the very existence of a mysterious and ancient golden android challenges a clergyman’s faith… Wilde Stories showcases the previous year’s best offerings in gay short fantasy, science-fiction, and horror. This edition includes … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Cherished by Two, by Morticia Knight

Cherished by Two

QSFer Morticia Knight has a new MM sci fi book out: Destiny rewards those who embrace it. Chris and his alien soul matches, Lasar and Nary, are ready to deepen their new bond as mates. It’s also time for Chris to begin his training as a Nasha, or sub, and for Nary to embrace his new role as Ahna, or Dom, to Chris. As three in the soul match they are unique. Not only have Alasharians never matched with a human, they’ve never matched as three. What makes them special also puts them in danger. The Supreme Soul Healer warned Chris that … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Page of Tricks, by Amelia Faulkner

Page of Tricks

QSFer Amelia Faulkner has a new MM paranormal/fantasy book out: Amnesiac. Heir. Warrior. Quentin d’Arcy has evaded his father’s clutches for six years with no knowledge of what exactly he’s running from. Without those memories, he’s semi-capable of living his life, but there are forces stacked against him who are not satisfied with that outcome, and they are so very tired of playing games. Captive. Pawn. Bait. All Laurence Riley wants is to find a way to help Quentin uncover the past without it destroying either of them, but his efforts are ruined when Frederick re-enters his world and snatches … Read more

Review: “Teresias Bound” by Rebecca James

Title: Teresias Bound Author: Rebecca James Genre: Trans Sci-Fi/Fantasy Publisher: Self Publish Length: Novel Blurb Aiden is a man in a woman’s body. His dream is to fly to Aquarix where the elusive Fluens–the only species capable of changing his life record and physically making him a man–reside, and for years he’s been working at a seedy brothel in Solarias to save enough money to make that dream a reality. Lydo, the prince of Teresias, has spent his youth leading his father’s army and avoiding his responsibilities on his home planet. On brief leave during a dangerous mission, he stops … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GUEST POST: Wehr Wolff Castle, by B. Bentley Summers

Wehr Wolff Castle

B. Bentley Summers has a new MM paranormal/horror book out: During the rise of Nazi Germany, Hagen Messer joins the Royal Air Force as an American soldier who specializes in tracking. He’s attached to British commandos and given a seemingly simple mission—to find a captive and destroy a dam—but everything goes awry. Hagen’s plane crashes into Germany’s Wehr Forest and he has to use his extrasensory abilities to track the captive to nearby Wehr Wolff Castle, a secret Nazi base where vile experiments are being conducted. Hagen and his surviving team members must sneak into the castle and devise a … Read more