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ANNOUNCEMENT: Write Short Fiction that Sells – Voss Foster

Write Short Fiction That Sells - Voss Foster

QSFer Voss Foster has a new short story writing book out: Your Guide to Writing and Selling Short Genre Fiction for the 21st Century. Short fiction can and should make you money. Have a hankering to write a short story but can’t justify the time? Have an old folder full of flash taking up hard drive space and making you no money? Looking to diversify your publishing portfolio? I’m here to help. Short genre fiction is a gold mine waiting to be tapped. Want more money? More recognition? More publication credits? Short fiction can be the ticket to expanding your … Read more

FOR READERS & WRITERS: Sex in Genre Fiction

sex - pixabay

FOR READERS & WRITERS Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Hank T Cannon: What’s the role of sex in genre fiction? I wasn’t introduced to sexy books in romance, but in decidedly non-romantic sci fi and contemporary fiction (hello Harold H. Robbins) where it was depicted as a description of power, personality, or outgrowth of culture, and kind of treated like sport. Only later as my reading expanded did sex as a conduit for romance, or as an ignition for romance enter the picture. Is sex just for the fun of it gratuitous in genre fiction, or does it serve … Read more

The Influential Roots of Genre Fiction


The roots of genre fiction can be found in everything from mythology and folklore to narrative poetry and Victorian gothics and beyond. With this in mind, we asked our panelists: Q: What genre roots have you found to be most influential and inspiring for you and your own writing? Usman T. Malik is a Pakistani writer of strange stories. His fiction has won a Bram Stoker Award and has been nominated for the Nebula. He resides in two worlds. I grew up reading in Urdu first, so childrens magazines Bachon Ki Dunya, Bachon Ka Bagh, Jugnoo and Mazhar Kaleem M.A.s … Read more