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Announcement: Haven’s Fall, by Elizabeth Schechter

Haven's Fall

QSFer Elizabeth Schechter has a new MM / FF fantasy book out, and she’s stopping by QSF with a guest post: On the Care and Feeding of Beta Readers All writers know that there is one group of people who you cherish and protect, that you treat with absolute respect and not a little bit of awe, and who you should go out of your way to make certain they are happy. No, not editors. Editors are wonderful people, and they deserve their own blog posts about how wonderful they are. The people I’m talking about now are the people … Read more

Cover Reveal: Haven’s Fall, by Elizabeth A. Schechter

Haven's Fall

Forbidden Fiction author Elizabeth A. Schechter has a new MM fantasy book coming out, and we have the cover reveal: Haven had been their goal since escaping the destruction of the School. Haven had promised safety, rest, an end to running and death. But things had gone badly wrong in the mountains. Tam and Linnea had to leave Matthias and Solomon behind to face the Elders, hoping to return for them once they’d found Haven. The reality did not live up to the promise. Isolated and dying, Haven feared outsiders almost more than it needed new blood. With only the … Read more