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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Life Siphon, by Kathryn Sommerlot

Kathryn Sommerlot has a new queer fantasy book out: The Life Siphon. A magical energy drain is siphoning life from the land and leaving a twisted, decaying wasteland in its wake. Safely isolated in his forest home, Tatsu wants nothing to do with the drain or the other citizens in the kingdom of Chayd. The only people he cares about are his childhood friend and her strangely prophetic sister, but there’s no avoiding the threat once Tatsu is arrested and taken to the capital. The Queen of Chayd offers Tatsu his freedom—but only in exchange for sneaking into the neighboring … Read more


Bank Run

Alli Reshi has a new MM sci fi book out: Mark Noland doesn’t know how he always ends up in these situations. All he wants is a few quiet days on Rescon with his new boyfriend Gavnson. But he’s just finished a job, and the rest of his team wants their pay. A simple trip to the bank shouldn’t be much trouble, and then it’s back to peace and quiet. What could possibly go wrong? The answer to this is apparently robbery, kidnapping, and a foot chase across town. A run to the bank takes on a whole new meaning … Read more

For Writers: Why the HEA?

Happily Ever After

Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer Hank T. Cannon: Why happy ever after? Is it because a lot of the people here write romance, and the genre demands happy ever after or happy for now? I’m not talking about classic “moralistic” anti-gay non- happy endings, but pyrrhic victories, truly heroic sacrifices, and prices of war? Join the chat