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New Release: Farther Reefs Anthology

Farther Reefs Anthology

QSFers J.S. Fields and Heather Tracy have edited a new LGBTQ+ SFF anthology (ace, bi, demi, intersex, lesbian, non-binary, poly): Farther Reefs. The seas spell freedom. Pirates and kraken, boats and submarines, deadly sirens, mermaids, and the women who face them all. These are our heroes. High seas adventure, fantasy, and magic weave together in this sapphic anthology focusing on the joy of the unbounded oceans. If you like diverse stories with lesbian and sapphic heroines exploring oceans, battling sea monsters, and seducing pirates, buy Farther Reefs today! With stories by: Sarah Day and Tim Pratt, Kim Pritekel, Kyoko M. … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Cloak of Red – brenna Gawain

A Cloak Of Red - Brenna Gawain

QSFer Brenna Gawain has a new queer fantasy book out (bi, gay, lesbian), book one in the Tenth Kingdom series: “A Cloak of Red.” To escape her fate, she must join a hated enemy. The first in a new series from the #1 bestselling fantasy world of Underrealm. Theren has only recently left the Academy for Wizards, in full command of her magical powers. But all the spells in the nine kingdoms cannot save her from the fate she fears. Theren’s patron, Imara, sees her as a possession — a toy to be paraded before other nobles as a symbol … Read more