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Virgin Unveils Hyperloop that Will Travel 760 Mph

Virgin Hyperloop

Virgin Hyperloop One has released a prototype for a levitating pod that is designed to zoom at speeds as high as 760 mph (1,200 km/h) through a Hyperloop connecting Dubai to Abu Dhabi, according to news sources. The 87-mile (140 kilometers) journey usually takes 90 minutes by car, but the Hyperloop will take a mere 12 minutes, thanks to its innovative track — a long tube that has had its air removed to create a vacuum inside, according to the Daily Mail. Virgin unveiled the pod — which will be accelerated by an electromagnetic propulsion system within the vacuum tube … Read more

Will Elon Musk Really Build the World’s First Hyperloop?


The beleaguered transit system in the Northeast may receive a boost from one of the most ambitious entrepreneurs in the world. Elon Musk tweeted Thursday that The Boring Company received “verbal” government approval to begin building an underground Hyperloop, saying it would take 29 minutes to go from New York to Washington, D.C. Musk did not say whether this verbal approval comes from the individual cities themselves or from a federal authority. An Amtrak ride on the Northeast Regional line from D.C. to New York currently takes three hours and 20 minutes, according to the passenger railroad company’s website. By … Read more