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FILM: Ragnarok Giveth and Taketh Awayeth

Chris Hemsworth

Two articles about the new Thor: Ragnarok film today. First, the director promises a little something something. From It’s a big promise, but now it’s out there. Chris Hemsworth and Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi gave an interview to Yahoo Entertainment’s Kevin Polowy in which they were asked if the hulking Australian actor had it in his contract to remove the shirt. Said Hemsworth: “In the very first Thor, I’d be training for months and months and months and Kenneth Branagh said ‘aww, what do you think about a shirt off scene?’ I said ‘mate I’ve been killing myself in the gym for eight months! … Read more

Your Very Own Invisibility Cloak?


A team of researchers out of Queen Mary University of London believe they have found the first step to a practical cloaking device. Yes, invisibility may be possible in the future. The team, at the moment, is thinking small. They aren’t trying to make people, or battleships at that, disappear. Instead, they’re working on a new material that will make curved surfaces appear flat to electromagnetic waves. “The design is based upon transformation optics, a concept behind the idea of the invisibility cloak,” said Professor Yang Hao from QMUL’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, who helped write the … Read more

Discussion: Becoming Invisible

Mindy Kahling

Have y’all seen that Mindy kahling commercial where people never seem to se her, so she decides she’s actually invisible? It got me thinking – what if you really could be invisible? This is one of those old movie tropes that we hardly ever see anymore. So what if you became invisible through no fault of your own? What would you do with that double edged gift? And how might you go about making themselves ‘visible’ again? Join the discussion