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ANNOUNCEMENT: Summerwode, By J. Tullos Hennig


QSFer J. Tullos Hennig has a new queer fantasy book out: The Summer King has come to the Wode… Yet to which oath, head or heart, shall he hold? Once known as the Templar assassin Guy de Gisbourne, dispossessed noble Gamelyn Boundys has come to Sherwood Forest with conflicting oaths. One is of duty: demanding he tame the forest’s druidic secrets and bring them back to his Templar Masters. The other is of heat and heart: given to the outlaw Robyn Hood, avatar of the Horned Lord, and the Maiden Marion, embodiment of the Lady Huntress. The three of them—Summerlord, Winter King, … Read more

Announcement: Winterwode, by J. Tullos Hennig


DSP Publications author J. Tullos Hennig has a new fantasy book out: Robyn Hood is the undisputed ruler of the wild, green Wode. Reunited with his sister Marion and his lover Gamelyn, Robyn and his band of outlaws seek to raise the Ceugant—the magical trine of the Old Religion—against the tyranny of Church and Crown. Yet their forest kingdom is roiling with conflict. Marion has been made welcome, but old shackles and new fears hamper her true promise. Gamelyn is torn between oaths of heart and head—and the outlaws never let him forget he was but recently Guy of Gisbourne, … Read more

Announcement: Shirewode, by J. Tullos Hennig

QSFer and DSP author J. Tullos Hennig has a new book out in the Wode Series: The King of the Shire Wode. That is what they will call you… Home razed by Church edict, loved ones struck down by treachery, Rob is left for dead. Taken by the old druid master into the deeps, Rob survives to emerge as driven leader of a band of tight-knit outcasts, claiming the forest as their own and wielding the Horned Lord’s vengeance with silent, deadly arrows. Gamelyn has fled England, only to return after finding new identity and purpose–but no absolution–on Crusade. When … Read more