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Could Game of Thrones Help Push Marriage Equality in Northern Ireland?

Game Of Thrones

Game of Thrones is about dragons, death, destruction. It could also destroy Northern Ireland’s continuing reluctance to legalize same-sex marriage. LGBTI rights advocates are warning Northern Ireland’s booming film industry could be lost if the country refuses to treat its citizens and residents equally. The HBO show, which films in Northern Ireland six months out of the year, is just one prime example that could be moved if politicians refuse to pass a marriage law. Game of Thrones has boosted the country’s tourism industry alone by £8.6 million a year. By Joe Morgan – Full Story at SOURCE

Announcement: A More Perfect Union

A More Perfect Union

QSFer J. Scott Coatsworth and Jamie Fessenden have stories in a new book from Dreamspinner (BG Thomas invited us to be a part of this great project): On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court of the United States made a monumental decision, and at long last, marriage equality became the law of the land. That ruling made history, and now gay and lesbian Americans will grow up in a country where they will never be denied the right to marry the person they love. But what about the gay men who waited and wondered all of their lives if the day would ever come … Read more