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Do You Like Your Guys With Big Tails?


Did the trend for mermaid hair a couple of years back not go quite far enough for you? An increasing number of people are taking their love of mermaids and mermen to the next level. For others, dressing as mermen is a more light-hearted pastime. Two of those to have made something of a name for themselves in mermaid circles (and that’s not a sentence you read every day…) are Davi Moreira and Alex Vassal. Davi, who is gay, lives in Brazil. By David Hudson – Full Story at Gay Star News

Announcement: Dangerous Waves, by L.M. Brown

Dangerous Waves

QSFer L.M. Brown has a new MM fantasy romance book out: When Dax lost his family to a shark attack he swam away from everything he had ever known. Now he has come to Atlantis, hoping to reconnect with those he left behind. When he finds his birth clan torn apart, he realizes his journey is just beginning. Kai is an Oracle, a blind merman, who only has sight when he has a vision. Atlantis, a sanctuary for so many merpeople, is his prison. Desperation drives him to beg the Atlantean Goddess of Love for help. With the goddess’s promise … Read more

Announcement: Cardinal Sins, by Lissa Kasey

Cardinal Sins

QSFer Lissa Kasey has a new paranormal/fantasy book out: Paris Hansworth, star whore turned senator and the most powerful man in City M, has been hiding his terminal illness for years. Searching for a way to reverse the toxic environment that’s killing him, Paris stumbles upon a lost research facility, and a merman named Rain. Years alone have made Rain long for companionship, and the beautiful man on the other side of the glass intrigues him. But Rain speaks the wrong language, and is decades out of touch. He isn’t quite sure what to think of the new environment he’s … Read more

Announcement: Clashing Tempest, by Brandon Witt

Clashing Tempest

QSFer Brandon Witt has a paranormal/fantasy re-release out: Finn de Morisco knows he is walking into a trap when he enters the Vampire Cathedral to rescue his sister Cynthia. Aided by Schwint and his other sister, Caitlin, he intends to free Cynthia and avoid enslavement. But when he confronts the master of the Voice that has tortured him, Finn faces a grim choice: compromise his soul or lose his family. For centuries members of the Chromis tribe have disappeared, and Brett Wright is on a quest to discover the fate of the captive mers and to stop the abductions. Despite … Read more

Announcement: Running With the Wind, by Shira Anthony

Running With the Wind

QSFer Shira Anthony has a new Fantasy MM novel book out: With the final confrontation between the island and mainland Ea factions looming, Taren and Ian sail with Odhrán to investigate a lost colony of merfolk in the Eastern Lands. Upon their arrival, the King of Astenya welcomes them as friends. Odhrán, however, isn’t so quick to trust the descendent of the man who held him prisoner for nearly a decade, especially now that he has someone to cherish and protect—the mysterious winged boy he rescued from the depths. Armed with the knowledge he believes will save the Ea, Taren … Read more