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TV: “Sandman” Representation Divides LGBTQ+ Viewers


Netflix has divided LGBTQ+ viewers with its high-stakes adaptation of The Sandman. The Sandman, an adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s comic book of the same name, follows cosmic being Dream as he tries to regain his power after being imprisoned for over a century. Like the source material, the Netflix series is filled with LGBTQ+ representation – but some viewers feel conflicted over the execution of the plots and the characters. Some viewers raved about the inclusion of non-binary character Desire, played by a non-binary actor Mason Alexander Park. Dubbed the “the non-binary love child of Lady Daga and Gillian Anderson,” … Read more

Neil Gaiman Comes Out Swinging for They/Them Pronouns

Neil Gaiman tweet

Renowned fantasy author Neil Gaiman has come out swinging for they/them pronouns in response to a hilarious anti-trans “self-own”. The English author is world-renowned for novels including Stardust, American Gods, Coraline and The Graveyard Book and is a steadfast supporter of the trans community. Last year, he joined over 1,800 top literary figures in pledging his support for trans and non-binary people. Gaiman affirmed his allyship on Monday (13 December) by responding to a hilarious screenshot shared by Conservative Self-Owns, a mocking Twitter account that calls out right-wingers who unintentionally embarrass themselves online. The Twitter account shared a post from … Read more