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Climate Change: UN report; Greenland Melts; Penguins in Danger; Gulf Stream Could Collapse; Deforestation

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Here’s the latest news we’ve rounded up about climate change and its rapidly growing impacts: United Nations Climate Panel Issues Dire ReportA United Nations climate panel has confirmed — in its strongest language ever — that the impacts of human-caused climate change are severe and widespread, and that while there is still a chance to limit that warming, some impacts will continue to be felt for centuries. Gulf Stream Could Be Veering Toward Irreversible CollapseOne of the most crucial ocean current systems for regulating the Northern Hemisphere’s climate could be on the verge of total collapse due to climate change, … Read more

Climate Change Updates

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September ties as the hottest month on record globally CNN meteorologist Allison Chinchar reports on newly released data showing that September tied 2016 for the hottest global average temperature in September. Full Story Fall Begins – With Record Snowfall, a Heat Wave, and a Cat 5 Hurricane The first few days of the season haven’t felt much like fall at all for many across the United States. From snow storms to heat waves — hello? Did we miss something? What happened to mild temperatures and colorful leaves? Here’s a look at three wild weather events that marked the start of season. … Read more

QSF Reviewers Wanted!

Hello Queer Sci Fi followers! We admins have exciting news: we’re opening up a couple book reviewer positions! Turns out you guys all read–and write–a ton and we’d like to try and keep up with the heavy volume by adding more book reviewers. How it works: as authors submit review requests, I’ll post them to a file and all reviewers will have access to these requests. Reviewers can select any books they’d like and submit a review to me a couple to a few weeks later. I’ll post those reviews on our website and they can be shared around from … Read more

NEWS: Gun From a Time Traveler?

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The Baltimore Police Department shared a Facebook post on Thursday that, for the most part, was pretty run-of-the-mill police fodder. It stated that police had pulled over a man and discovered a loaded handgun, along with some drugs, inside his car. Since the man’s criminal record prohibits him from owning a gun, the cops confiscated it. The only thing out of the ordinary? The gun looks like this (above). By Hilary hanson – Full Story at The Huffington Post

News: Car Free Bridges – The Future?


From a distance, it’s beautiful — white spears with delicate white strands holding up an arched roadway across the Willamette River. It’s only when you get closer that it hits you: no cars. There are buses, trains, cyclists and walkers, but no cars and no trucks. This is a big new bridge across a major river in a major American city, and cars were left off the invitation list. It’s probably the first of its kind in a century. The Tilikum Crossing in Portland, Ore., is in a city and state that have been at the forefront of ambitious planning … Read more

New Method Might Allow Gay Couples to Have Babies


Gay men may one day be able to have a baby together without the need of a female egg, a new study has revealed. The research conducted by fertility experts at Bath University has found that it’s possible to create an embryo by fusing skin cells with sperm – suggesting the female half may not be needed. A woman would still have to act as a surrogate to carry the baby, but the study found that it was possible to conceive healthy mice using other types of cells and sperm. By Bobby Rae – Full Story at Pink News

Juno’s First Image From Jupiter


This scene from JunoCam indicates it survived its first pass through Jupiter’s extreme radiation environment without any degradation and is ready to take on Jupiter,” said Scott Bolton, principal investigator from the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. “We can’t wait to see the first view of Jupiter’s poles. Full Story from NASA

Gay Star Trek?

After CBS’ announcement that a new Star Trek series is planned for 2017, a new petition from The Queer Frontier is asking the network to put an LGBT character in the captain’s chair. “Star Trek has an incredible, indelible, history spanning 50 years on television and in cinema. It’s a history that includes five captains, six TV series spanning 726 episodes, 12 movies and more than 40 starring characters. Yet not once have we seen an openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBT) character in a starring role,” the petition reads. While LGBT characters have gotten the nod and wink … Read more

How People A Century Ago Imagined We’d Dress Today

As the end of the year approaches, experts and pundits start rolling out their predictions for next year, and the year to come. But seeing into the future is a bit more challenging than these predictions make it seem — as the fascinating images below demonstrate. These fantastic visions of what fashion would look like in the future were published by W. Cade Gall in The Strand Magazine in 1893. The ideas, which were recently featured in The Public Domain Review, are based on the principle that fashion had moved in “waves” over the 19th Century, and would do so … Read more

News: Do Gas Planets Contain Water?


NASA scientists discover that several Jupiter-sized exoplanets previously thought to be dry in fact contain water: “‘Our results suggest it’s simply clouds hiding the water from prying eyes, and therefore rule out dry hot Jupiters,’ Jonathan Fortney of the University of California, Santa Cruz and a co-author on a paper published. ‘The alternative theory to this is that planets form in an environment deprived of water, but this would require us to completely rethink our current theories of how planets are born.’ The University of Deleware’s John Gizis, who studies brown dwarfs, a kind of ‘failed star’ that evolve similarly … Read more