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REVIEW: Fur and Fangs – Nita Round

Fur and Fangs - Nita Round

Genre: Steampunk, Fantasy, Romance LGBTQ+ Category: FF Lesbian Reviewer: H.L. Get It On Amazon About The Book Some fight evil with swords and force. Evie and Hesta stand against evil with no more than their will and a song. In a series of violent and horrific murders, The Butcher of Bristelle, strikes terror into the heart of the city. No one is safe. When Evie Chester encounters the remains of one such victim she knows that this is the work of no ordinary killer. With mistrust of the gifted rising, can Evie and Hesta solve the case and keep the … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Sirens and Syphons – Nita Round

Sirens and Syphons - Nita Round

QSFer Nita Round has a new FF steampunk/gaslamp fantasy out, The Evie Chester Files book two: “Sirens and Syphons.” A tormented past, a demon, and a death foretold. Evie no longer a slave, is haunted by her past. Her saviour Hesta Bethwood, who granted her freedom, wants to embark on a joint venture to set up an academy for the gifted. During a demonstration of mesmerism, they witness a demon possession. The demon aware of their presence, seeks them out. When Evie and Hesta seek advice from a wise witch, a death is foretold. Together they must face the demon; … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Touch of Ice – Nita Round

A Touch of Ice - Nita Round

QSFer Nita Round has a new queer steampunk fantasy out, The Towers of the Earth Book 4: “A Touch of Ice.” To have a future, they must face their past. Magda, Ascara and Lucinda must draw upon the strength of their trinity to seek out the truths of the past that hold the key to their future. They travel north, to Magda’s place of birth amongst the Oceanics. For Magda, this is an unwelcoming place, a reminder that she was banished and dealt a cruel fate. Named Stoner and landlocked, for an Oceanic this is a dishonour and a fate … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: A Hint of Hope, by Nita Round

A Hint of Hope - Nita Round

QSFer Nita Round has a new lesbian steampunk novella out in the “Towers of the Earth” series: “A Hint of Hope.” Friends. Pirates. Slavers. Who can they trust? Their lives will depend upon it. A notorious slaver has acquired the latest in airship design, an Imperial Condor Class transporter. This is a ship designed to change the world and if the slaver transforms it into a warship then no one will be safe. Anywhere. Magda and Ascara have travelled the world as pirates. An attempt on their lives brings into question who can be trusted. Who is a friend? And … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Raven, Sand and Sun, by Nita Round

Raven, Sand and Sun

QSFer Nita Round has a new FF steampunk book out: Raven, Sand and Sun. Lucinda, Ascara, and the Captain have survived several almost fatal encounters with various agents of Sh’Na. Now they must face the Mistress of the Night herself in the pyramid from Lucinda’s dreams and cut short the beast’s reign of terror. Captain Stoner, however, has met this Queen of the Desert before, and although the companions are together, she fears the three of them will not be enough to withstand Sh’Na’s evil. Their journey is not a simple one and their trials start in the city of … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: Raven, Fire & Ice, by Nita Round

Raven, Fire & Ice

QSFer Nita Round has a new FF Fantasy book out: Lucinda Ravensburgh sees the truth in everything she touches. When Captain Magda Stoner of the airship Verity, asks for her help in a very strange and messy crime, Lucinda cannot refuse. From that moment on, Lucinda’s life is changed forever. She discovers, no matter what the obstacle, nor the troubles they encounter, finding the truth is paramount. A Touch of Truth Book One: Raven, Fire & Ice Get it On Amazon Giveaway GIVEAWAY Excerpt LUCINDA RAVENSBURGH SAT at her desk and stared at the items she’d dumped on the leather … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT: The Ghost of Emily Tapper, by Nita Round

The Ghost of Emily Tapper

QSFer Nita Round has a new FF paranormal book out: Two families, inexorably linked through time, come together to face an uncertain future, together. Maggie Durrant is heir to a rambling estate at Castle Coombe in the middle of nowhere. This includes a Gothic style castle, a working estate and a curse that will end her days sooner rather than later, providing her brother doesn’t get to her first. In the city, a world away from the estates of Magwood Hall and the Durrant family, Emma Blewitt discovers a family that she did not know that she had. Orphaned at … Read more

Announcement: Knight’s Sacrifice, by Nita Round

Knight's Sacrifice

QSFer Nita Round has a new FF fantasy/paranormal book out: For most people, running a funeral home is a dull and conservative line of work, but when Catherine Samuels inherits the family business she discovers that it is anything but straightforward. For a start, the dead do not always stay dead, they sit up, and they bite. In this strange world, Catherine needs help, and that comes in the form of Cassandra (Cassie) Evans, a heavily armed problem solver, knowledgeable in all things arcane and undead. Cassie, however, hates her posting to Catherine Samuels. Her charge knows nothing of family, … Read more