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Review: “Triptych” by J. M. Frey

Title: Triptych Author: J. M. Frey Genre: sci-fi LGBTQ+ Category: bi/pansexual, nonbinary Publisher: StrangeFuse Pages: 286 Blurb IN THE near future, humankind has mastered the arts of peace, tolerance, and acceptance. At least, that’s what we claim. But then THEY arrive. “You know…” she said slowly, so softly that Evvie almost didn’t hear it. “You know those movies where the aliens come to Earth, and they… I dunno, they try to steal our natural resources, or create a nuclear winter so they can turn the Earth into slag, or they melt the polar ice caps and New York is under … Read more

Out of the Past: LGBTQ Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror 2010 – present

     As part of my ongoing history of LGBTQ+ speculative fiction, I’m in the process of doing interviews with authors, editors and reviewers who are working in different areas of the genre that I’m not as familiar with. I’m hoping to boost the signal on some of their projects, too so please check out their writings and other projects. There’ll be interviews with various folks on trans and nonbinary spec fic, indie queer romance, new trends and recommendations for short fiction and other fun things coming up as well as my essays on different aspects of the field. I hope … Read more

Review: “Root of the Spark” by Michele Fogal

Root of the Spark

Title: Root of the Spark Series: A Wild Seed Novel Author: Michele Fogal Genre: Nonbinary Fantasy Publisher: Loose Id Pages: 210 Blurb Dell doesn’t want to hide anymore. As the first hermaphrodite on the human colony planet of Ameliaura, Dell has spent the last year trying to blend into the crowd. Dell used to snub the public eye with flamboyance and scandal, but lately the attention just feels like loneliness. After surviving a vicious attack, Dell falls into the arms of Zavvy, a man who has made it his mission to help abandoned hermaphrodite children. Zavvy has been alone for … Read more

Review: “The Human and the Hunted” by R. A. Burg

Title: The Human and the Hunted Series: Rise of the Great Assembly # 1 Author: R. A. Burg Genre: Science Fiction Publisher: CreateSpace (Amazon) Pages: 322 Blurb Earth. 11,000 BCE. A galaxy wide war between sentient machines rages and Earth is in the crossfire. Oblivious to the deadly peril above, Far Runner and his tribe face their own struggles. An unstable climate forces the group to migrate south and into the sights of a ruthless human foe. A merciless attack tears Runner away from his family and friends. A wounded alien cyborg soldier is stranded on Earth. Her views and … Read more