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VIDEO GAMES: Petition Launched to Add Pronoun Options to the Sims

Momo Misfortune / The Sims

A petition has been launched for EA to add pronoun options to The Sims. Twitch streamer Momo Misfortune has been tweeting the publisher for 51 days requesting the addition. Now an official petition has been launched on that has rapidly gained thousands of signatures within a month. “If we could have the option to choose pronouns for our sim or for the team to switch older game texts to be gender neutral like current pack dialoged [sic] it would be impactful for those of us who are still unable to truly feel represented in the game by having our … Read more

Cound This Be the New “Storm”? Pose Fans Hope So

Dominique Jackson as Storm

X-Men fans have signed a petition to have Marvel cast Pose star and trans activist Dominique Jackson as Storm in its next mutant movie. Storm, also known as Ororo Munroe, is a powerful mutant who can control the weather and atmosphere. She has previously been played by Halle Berry and Alexandra Shipp — but fans have now decided who should wear her cape in a future film. “Cast Dominique Jackson as Storm” demands a petition signed by thousands of X-Men fans. Full Story from Pink News

COMICS: Make the Joker Gay Again

The Joker

DC Comics fans are calling for writers of the Batman series to make The Joker gay… again. The Joker has a long history of homosexuality but writers suppressed it in the 90s, according to some fan theories. In a petition to DC writer Geoff Johns, Elena Shestakova wrote: ‘The Joker was and always had been homosexual.’ ‘This opinion was shared by other comic books authors and artists for decades. That is why it’s so important to me and other queer readers to return his homosexuality,’ she said. By James Besanville – Full Story at Gay Star News

Fans: Show Wonder Woman’s Bisexuality in Next Film

Wonder Woman

“Wonder Woman” fans want the upcoming sequel to honor canon and make the Amazonian warrior princess bisexual. Writer Greg Rucka confirmed that the Amazons of Themyscira engage in same-sex relationships in the comics. Gianna Collier-Pitts, GLAAD Campus Ambassador at New York University, penned the petition asking for that bisexual representation to be included in the films. “We are oversexualized and underrepresented. We are called greedy, dishonest, and confused. We are the least likely to come out and the most likely to suffer from depression and anxiety, on top of experiencing higher rates of sexual/intimate partner violence. We are made to … Read more


After becoming the first movie in 2016 to pass the $1 billion mark worldwide in just 24 days since its release, Captain America: Civil War is already gaining legendary status. Now, fans of the Marvel muscled superhero want to find him a boyfriend. Since last Sunday, social media has been inundated with requests for Marvel Comics to find Captain America, the alter ego of Steve Rogers, his true (same-sex) love. The #GiveCaptainAmericaABoyfriend movement started trending on Twitter earlier this week, and as of Tuesday evening 176,000 tweets with the hashtag were trending on the social media website. It sounds serious. … Read more