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TV: Muppet Gonzo is Non-Binary!


The animated children’s show Muppet Babies is teaching kids an important lesson about acceptance and gender in a new episode that shows the popular character Gonzo coming out as a princess. Gonzo is a little blue monster who has always been assumed to be male. But, Gonzo says in the episode, that’s not “me.” Miss Piggy throws a ball in the episode and when Gonzo says they want to wear a dress, she pompously tells him that girls wear gowns and that the boys will come as knights. Kermit and his pals try to reassure Gonzo that being a knight … Read more

CULTURE: Boys Can Be Princesses Too

Boys Can Be Princesses Too

A children’s party planner has gone viral with a photo campaign she calls “Boys Can Be Princesses, Too. In a profile on late last month, photographer Kitty Wolf discussed the project, in which she assembles photoshoots with boys dressed as their favorite princesses, complete with actors in character, and its origins in her career as an event planner.  “I used to do princess parties where I dressed up like a princess character and visited children on their birthday,” says Wolf. “Once, I visited a boy who loved ‘Frozen,’ and he was even dressed just like Elsa. He was over the moon … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Tale of a Dragon Princess, by Lizzie Colt

Tale of a Dragon Princess

Lizzie Colt has a new FF Fantasy book out: The day Princess Mellie turns sixteen, her parents reveal she was cursed as a baby and will spend the rest of her nights as a dragon. Two years later, she discovers a chance to break the curse, but it will take a quest with only her chosen bodyguard, a brave female warrior who has lost her lust for fighting but has developed an attraction for the princess. NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo  Giveaway One lucky winner will receive a $10.00 NineStar Press Gift Code! … Read more

A Lesbian/Bi Disney Princess?


The directors of Moana have claimed that Disney would be “open” to the idea of a gay Disney princess. Ron Clements and John Musker directed the 2016 film, which introduced Disney’s first Polynesian princess. The pair were also behind The Princess and the Frog, which introduced African-American Disney princess Tiana. Speaking to Huffington Post, the pair did not rule out a lesbian or bisexual princess. Asked about the possibility of an LGBTQ Disney princess, Clements said, “It seems like the possibilities are pretty open at this point.” By Nick Duffy – Full Story at Pink News

Boys Can Be Princesses Too, Disney Cartoon Says

Star vs. The Forces of Evil

Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a Disney Channel show that first aired in January of 2015. The premise of the show is about a princess from another dimension who travels to Earth as a foreign exchange student. There, she becomes close with her host family’s son, Marco Diaz, and the two go on adventures together. Like Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time and Steven Universe, Star vs. The Forces of Evil is a kid’s show that adults can enjoy as well due to the hidden adult themes. For instance, Star vs. The Forces of Evil had a very progressive moment … Read more

A Lesbian Disney Princess?

The antelopes next door were gay – maybe. For viewers of the animated Disney hit “Zootopia,” it’s been a bit of a guessing game. In an early scene, rookie rabbit police officer Judy moves into her new apartment and meets her new neighbors. Bucky and Pronk are both antelopes and both men, who live together and bicker like a married couple. But . . . were they? The answer, available to sharp-eyed movie fans, comes in the closing credits: Bucky and Pronk share a last name, Oryx-Antlerson. While gay and lesbian characters are standard players in movies and TV shows … Read more