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Me Me Monday!

M3 Pulse Me Me Monday

Hey all, Today is the one year anniversary of the terrible shooting at Orlando’s Pulse nightclub. We debated going ahead with M3, but in the end, we decided we shouldn’t let the memory of that awful day stop us from celebrating what’s new in queer fiction. So… we are going ahead with M3 today, and we are opening up this thread as well to talk about that day. What it felt like. When you heard about it. How it changed you or your family and friends. Feel free to chime in on the FB group here: We love you … Read more

News: Rowling Approves Queer Harry Potter Pic as Pulse Benefit

Harry Potter Queer Art

An anthology comic being produced to benefit the victims and families who lost loved ones in the shooting at Pulse in Orlando, Fla., has scored the support of a huge name in publishing: Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling, who according to Bleeding Cool, has for the first time ever permitted a drawing of her beloved Hogwarts characters in a comic book. And not just any sketch; the approved illustration for Love Is Love, by Jim Lee, features Harry with his friends Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, and their beloved gay former headmaster, Albus Dumbledore, as they cast a spell that … Read more

Pride Comes to Grand Theft Auto

OK, so it’s not specifically speculative fiction. But it’s a video game, which is at least adjacent. And I loved the screen cap: In Grand Theft Auto V, you might be used to sleeping with prostitutes and stealing cars but have you ever thought about waving a rainbow flag? But now with a new mod, in conjunction with Stockholm Pride, GTA5 fans can now be part of the LGBTI community in Los Santos. The new update was partially conceived as a tribute to the 49 murder victims of the Pulse shooting in Orlando. By Joe Morgan – Full Story at … Read more

Star Wars Fan Petitions for Gay Character to Honor Orlando Victim

A Star Wars superfan whose best friend was murdered in the Orlando massacre is petitioning the powers that be behind the sci-fi films to dedicate an LGBT character in memory of his friend and all who lost their lives at Pulse. That character would be the first openly LGBT character in the Star Wars universe. As we previously reports, Drew Leinonen was gunned down at Pulse with his boyfriend Juan Ramon Guerrero. The couple, who friends and family said wanted to get married, were buried together after the tragedy. Drew’s best friend Joshua Yehl (right) came up with the idea … Read more

Harry Potter Fans Recreate Dumbledore Funeral As Tribute to Orlando Victim

Luis Vielma

Harry Potter workers and fans have paid a unique tribute to one of the 49 people murdered at Pulse nightclub. Luis Vielma, 22, was a ‘Harry Potter nut’ who loved his job at Universal Studios, working in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Universal closed the Forbidden Journey ride he worked on. And colleagues united with guests to raise their wands in tribute to their ‘kind and brave’ fallen friend. The unique tribute was a recreation of the funeral of the fictional Albus Dumbledore, the gay headmaster of Hogwarts – his death and farewell is one of the most emotional … Read more