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ART: Artist Creates Portraits of Post Apocalyptic Queer Women

Katie Aki Holloway

Katie Aki Hollowaystudied studio art in college. She was born in California and currently lives in Virginia. But she’ll soon be moving to Japan to teach English. Katie shares her art on Twitter for people to see. She tweeted saying she draws ‘post-apocalyptic lgbt women & non-binary people.’ By Charlie Mathers – Full Story at Gay Star News

FILM: Why Queer Women Love Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman

It’s been a long time coming but our favorite female superhero finally made it to the cinema in her own movie. Not only did Wonder Woman make a respectable $103.1 million on its opening weekend, it was the also best opening weekend for a female director ever. In this case, Patty Jenkins. It even made more money than Iron Man when it premiered. This is quite a breakthrough as film and TV studios seem to be very nervous about producing female-centric superhero offerings. Marvel tentatively released Jessica Jones to Netflix but the second season is still being worked out whereas … Read more

Overview: Clexacon


In-depth fan discussions about pop culture often happen online but last weekend in Las Vegas, the discussions were held face to face. ClexaCon, modeled after Comic Con, Dragon Con, etc., was held March 3-5 at Bally’s and was billed as the first entertainment and media convention organized for queer women by queer women. The convention’s name comes from the popular lesbian couple Clexa, comprised of Clarke and Lexa, from the CW show “The 100.” Show runners killed off Lexa, in an episode fans only refer to ominously as “307” because it’s the exact episode number when Lexa’s death occurs, that … Read more

ClexaCon to Focus on Queer Women in Entertainment


Conventions are a popular way to bring die-hard, like-minded fans together — from the star-studded Comic Con in San Diego to the D.C. Awesome Con, which has featured cast members from fantasy/sci-fi shows like “Doctor Who” and “The Walking Dead.” ClexaCon, the first con created by queer women for queer women, will unite a more specific part of fandom culture that has been demanding attention for a long time. ClexaCon is a three-day convention for queer women in entertainment from March 3-5 at Bally’s and Paris in Las Vegas. The name “Clexa” comes from the fan favorite couple Clarke and … Read more