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CLIMATE CHANGE: “Doomsday” Glacier Nearing Tipping Point

Thwaites Glacier

A robotic submarine has returned from the dark underbelly of one of Antarctica’s largest glaciers with chilling news — it could be melting faster than we previously thought. Thwaites Glacier, a gigantic ice shelf in West Antarctica, has been on climate scientists’ radars for two decades now. But they didn’t know just how fast the glacier was melting, and how close it was to complete collapse, until researchers sent an unmanned submarine below the ice shelf. The first measurements ever performed in the dark waters under the 74,000 square mile (192,000 square kilometers) chunk of ice revealed a disquieting piece … Read more

CLIMATE CHANGE: Sea Levels May Rise Faster Than Predicted

flood - pixabay

Sea levels will probably rise faster than most climate models predict, according to a new study. In 2019, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), a United Nations scientific body that reports on climate change, said that the global sea-level average would likely rise at least 2.00 feet (0.61 meters) by the year 2100, but no more than 3.61 feet (1.10 m). Those numbers come from models that account for climate change and ocean heating, ongoing greenhouse gas emissions and potential changes in human behavior to prevent more warming. In this new study, researchers examined models of sea level through … Read more