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For Writers: Extending a Short Story

Today’s writer topic comes from QSFer LV Lloyd: How do you turn a great short story into a great novel? Is it even a good idea to try? Do you address the new story by cutting, pasting and expanding the short or by writing a completely fresh story, just using the short idea as a springboard? What have you tried and has it worked for you? Join the chat

Announcement: Snowbound, by Jana Denardo


QSFer Jana Denardo has a new paranormal short story out: The 1930s have more to worry about than the Depression. Demons walk the earth, leaving the human race relying on those who can see the demons to fight them. As the Soldiers of the Sun make their way back to their base in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Caleb, Temple, and Agni find themselves snowbound in Mount Washington. With nothing to do but wait for a break in the weather or the next demon attack, whichever comes first, the three partners have the luxury of time to explore their mutual attraction and affection. … Read more

Announcement: Under a New Star, by Leo D’Entremont

Leo d’Entremont at Dreamspinner has a new sci fi story out, part of the Advent Calendar package: In the 26th Century, mankind has breached the light speed barrier and begun to colonize other planets. They’ve also learned to Design human beings, known as Morphs, for specialized colony missions. Adrian is an Aerial Morph, on his way to colonize the low-gravity planet Eridani VI with his scientist Partner, Michael. In violation of the rules of the Morph Projects, they’ve been lovers for months. Michael cares more about his work than anything, while Adrian doesn’t take anything seriously except Michael. Before they … Read more

Starting a New Trilogy

I’ve decided to take the advice of my friend Jackson Cordd and let one of my short stories become a novel. Well, actually, three novels. It started out as a story fragment I’d written years ago, and picked up again last year to work on. It decided at first that it wanted to be a novel, and then finally that it wanted to be a trilogy – the first time I;ve sat down to plan out a three book arc. I’d written about 12,000 words when I stopped work a couple months ago on it to focus on some other … Read more