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For Readers: Queer Action Heroes

hero - pixabay

Today’s reader topic comes from QSFer Hank T. Cannon: Who are your favorite LGBTQIA action heroes? Not necessarily spec-fic. What do you like about them? How do they satisfy action hero tropes? Are they “gay” enough, or does it not matter, because they’re blowing things up? Writers: This is a reader chat – you are welcome to join it, but please do not reference your own works directly. Thanks! Join the chat

Marvel Video Game Outs Gay Superhero

Union Jack

The game, which features alternate younger versions of the classic Marvel characters attending a not-at-all-like-X-Men superhero school, debuted Jack’s alter ego Brian Falsworth in an update. Tucked inside a story mission within the game is a minor revelation, when Black Widow approaches the character and attempts to flirt. He responds: “No offence, you’re not my type.” When asked if he prefers another female character instead, Falsworth responds: “I’m telling you I’m gay.” By Nick Duffy – Full Story at Pink News

MERAKI Comics Unleashes Lesbian Hero

Maraki - Psi

MERAKI unleashes its futuristic Lesbian Hero vs. the Greek Gods of Old! Kickstarter began June 4, 2016! MERAKI (may-rah-kee) follows LGBT hero, Psi, as she battles her way through the realm of the dead! Ares, Zeus, and Hades re-emerge in this epic futurist adventure! A 6-Page Preview can be found at and the Kickstarter at “I wanted a book where the female heroes are cunning, brave and skilled. I wanted characters that represent the vast majority of us tired of one-dimensional tough guys and scantily-clad sirens!” – M.K. Palmer, writer/creator of MERAKI.

Deadpool 2 Might Come Sooner Than Expected


Ryan Reynolds has already signed on to play Deadpool again – and the sequel is set to enter production later this year. The actor made his debut as the pansexual superhero this year, smashing box office records for an adult-rated film with the comedic take on superhero movies. Deadpool is the first non-heterosexual superhero to get his own standalone film, and was seen flirting indistinctly with both men and women throughout the film. Full Story at Pink News

Announcement: Out for a Hero Anthology

Out For A Hero

Storm Moon Press has a new queer superhero anthology out: It’s not easy being a superhero. Sometimes it’s even harder when you’re super and queer. In Out for a Hero, LGBTQ heroes find themselves in tight spaces, moral quandaries, and sometimes heated romance. In The Integrals, Kaveri, the daughter of two super dads, struggles to conceal her possibly criminal crush. But when Morning Glory clashes with her parents’ team, she has to decide how to work with her own developing powers to save the day, and her girl. Sparks highlights the complications of an after-hours club where both superheroes and … Read more

News: The Trailer for Deadpool


A new full-length Deadpool trailer gives us a closer look at Colossus and all the violent and bloody action you’d expect. If you want all the swearing and blood spatters then pick the red band version, or there’s a green band version that’s a little more family friendly for Christmas Day. Deadpool arrives in theaters on February 12th, 2016. From The Verge

Announcement: An Ordinary Hero, by Therese Woodson

Ordinary Hero

QSFer Therese Woodson has a new superhero novella out: As a paramedic, Ryan Bishop has responded to his fair share of bizarre situations. However, he’s not prepared when he meets Phillip, a local man who keeps popping up to save the day. Everyone lauds Phillip as a hero, but he prefers to stay in the background, going so far as to refuse medical treatment. Ryan is intrigued, not only by Phillip’s unassuming manner, but also by his ability to be in the right place at the right time. Ryan wants some answers and maybe even a date. What he gets … Read more

News: Are You Watching Jessica Jones?

Jessica Jones

Another comic book series? Well, Netflix’s new offering, which debuts its first season on Friday, is a little different. The female protagonist is a tough, damaged, boozy cookie — a former superhero who opens a detective agency. Jessica is more interested in paying the rent then saving the city and can be a bit of an “asshole,” according to star Krysten Ritter (Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23). Critics are eating up this female-led Marvel series, which also stars The Matrix’s Carrie-Anne Moss as a lesbian client of Jessica’s. Editor’s Npte: Gilmore Girls fans may also recognize Ritter – … Read more