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TV: Gay Magazine Photo Shoot Almost Cost Colton haynes “Teen Wolf” Role

Colton Haynes XY Magazine

Teen Wolf star Colton Haynes has revealed that he almost wasn’t cast in the MTV teen drama after execs found out he’d been in a gay magazine shoot. Despite his character being canonically queer in the show, Haynes revealed in his new memoir, Miss Memory Lane, that the head of MTV at the time didn’t want to hire him for Teen Wolf because he did a photoshoot for XY Magazine when he was a teenager. He recalled how his manager told him to “stay in character both on and off set” after he landed the role of Jackson Whittemore, a … Read more

Reign and Teen Wolf star Adelaide Kane: ‘Spoiler alert, I’m not straight’

Adelaide Kane

Reign and Teen Wolf star Adelaide Kane came out as bisexual during a special, emotional Valentine’s Day TikTok. The Australian actor opened up about her sexuality in a touching video shared on TikTok. In the video, Adelaide Kane looks around nervously and takes a couple of big breaths with the caption: “Me super nervous to come out publicly as bisexual to people in my life and on social media”. The video then cuts to Adelaide Kane walking into the frame mouthing: “I’m not surprised,” with the caption: “My friends, family, the TikTok algorithm and my Twitch chat.” Adelaide Kane had … Read more

TV: Teen Wolf Takes Its Bow This Weekend

Teen Wolf

The show that gave us hunks like Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin, Dylan O’Brien, Tyler Posey and the Carver twins says farewell Sunday at 8 p.m. Eastern on MTV. The series finale of Teen Wolf will follow Gerard’s final assault, but who, if anyone, will survive? By Andy Towle – Full Story at Towleroad

‘Teen Wolf’ Stars Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes to Star in Bodybuilding Pic


Tyler Hoechlin will play bodybuilding pioneer Joe Weider and Colton Haynes will play fitness guru Jack Lalanne in Bigger, a biopic about Weider and his brother Ben, who launched the modern bodybuilding movement, discovering Arnold Schwarzenegger along the way. Writes Deadline: “The brothers’ story sets a powerful example of what hard work and extreme focus can achieve for the youth of today. These brothers literally changed the world” says Jones. Gallo adds, “It’s beyond inspirational, and will resonate with not only the massive crowd of those who have found the balance of body and mind as essential for a healthy … Read more

TV: Teen Wolf’s Jackson Comes Back, and Comes Out

Colton Haynes, Charlie Carver

During Jackson’s two seasons on MTV’s “Teen Wolf,” it was clear that he had a lot of issues. The jock was often angry and violent, and now we know at least part of why he was so unhappy. It seems Jackson was in the closet. The character, played by actor Colton Haynes, has been doing well in London. A new sneak-peek video from “Teen Wolf” Season 6 shows that Jackson is apparently living with his boyfriend, Ethan (Charlie Carver). The American werewolves connected while across the pond and have been dating long enough to celebrate an anniversary. “We’re an odd … Read more

News: Tyler Posey And Teen Wolf Cast Try To Explain Gay Slang

OK, a little fun this morning: Gay slang can confuse the most seasoned of us, but imagine if you’re a hetero actor in the cast of a hit series and get quizzed on the red carpet. The cast of Teen Wolf found out at New York Comic Con, when a Logo reporter asked Tyler Posey, Dylan Sprayberry, Cody Christian and series creator Jeff Davis to define simple queer terms like “otter” and “wolf.” We suspect at least one of these guys is just playing dumb. Get More: Logo TV See the Full Story Here