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REVIEW: The Rising Tide, by J. Scott Coatsworth

The Rising Tide

Title: The Rising Tide Series: Liminal Sky Author: J. Scott Coatsworth Genre: Sci Fi LGBTQ+ Category: Gay, Lesbian, Ace, Trans Publisher: DSP Publications Pages: 388 Reviewer: Xanthe, Paranormal Romance Guild Get It On Amazon About The Book Earth has died.  Five years later, the remnants of humanity travel through the stars inside Forever, a living, ever-evolving, self-contained generation ship. When Eddy Tremaine and Andy Hammond find a hidden world-within-a-world under the mountains, the discovery triggers a chain of events that could fundamentally alter or extinguish life as they know it, culminate in the takeover of the world mind, and end free … Read more

ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: The Rising Tide, by J. Scott Coatsworth

The Rising Tide

Eddy Tremayne rode his horse, Cassiopeia, along the edge of the pastures that were the last official human habitations before the Anatov Mountains. Several ranchers along the Verge—the zone between the ranches and the foothills—had reported losses of sheep and cattle in the last few weeks. As the elected sheriff of First District, which ran from Micavery and the South Pole to the mountains, it was Eddy’s responsibility to find out what was going on. He had his crossbow strapped to his back and his long knife in a leather sheath at his waist. He’d been carrying them for long … Read more