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Announcement: Choosing You, by Jaylee James

Choosing You - Jaylee James

QSFer Jaylee James has a new sci fi book out: Collin is in high school when he is visited by a time traveler – a woman who claims to be his wife in a hypothetical future… only the timeline has been disrupted, and the two will never meet unless he makes four key choices in his life that will guide them together again. “Choosing You” is a short story in a conversational, first-person voice, about what happens when deciding to love someone becomes a literal choice. It’s 7300 words long and features a transgender protagonist. Excerpt The first time I … Read more

News: Adorable New Fairy Tale Gives Cinderella A Transgender Twist

Jamie – A Transgender Fairytale

‘Jamie – A Transgender Fairytale’ is the latest video from Olly Pike, a UK-based performer and activist. His YouTube channel, Pop’n’Olly, aims to teach children issues effecting the LGBT community and encourage tolerance and understanding. He aims to do this with the help of original animated videos – and a talking balloon named Pop. Orignal Post at Pink News

News: Assassin’s Creed Adds First Transgender Character

Ned Wynert

‘Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate’ will include the long-running series’ first transgender character. The character – Ned Wynert – is a trans male and one of several supporting characters that act as quest givers for the game’s protagonists. Developers Ubisoft have also updated Assassin’s Creed’s opening statement for the first time since the first game’s release in 2007. See the Full Story at Pink News

Media Crossovers: Sense8

I tripped across this quick article on The LGBT Update regarding the new show Sense8. The article highlights the queer characters and shares a promo video: SENSE8 – A Sci-Fi Series With Leading LGBT Characters (Netflix) Known for their science fiction blockbusters (The Matrix franchise, Cloud Atlas, Jupiter Ascending, etc..), The Wachowski siblings are now taking their epic filmmaking talents to Netflix, in their highly anticipated new sci-fi series Sense8. The global concept of this groundbreaking series surrounds eight strangers, who mysteriously become mentally and physically connected, while being hunted by a unknown organization (which all sounds pretty awesome). Yet … Read more

Writing Transgender Characters

I’m getting ready to start another story, my first with a transgender character. The character’s gender identity as a man will be central to the storyline. I am excited to write it, and also a bit nervous – any time you write something you don’t know intimately yourself, you run the risk of either doing it poorly, or of offending the group you are writing about. Still, I think it’s worth the risk. We should always challenge ourselves in our writing, And sure, I may not (probably won’t) write this character as well as someone who is actually transgender, I … Read more

Writing Transgender

I’m about to start off on a new story, and have decided to include a transgender character with basically a gay orientation. I know a fair amount about the transgender community from covering the struggle for LGBT rights for six years. But knowing is not the same as living. I’ve decided to try to find an expert to help me get the details right. I’m not straight, but I write straight characters. I’m not a woman, but I’ve written female characters. I’m not a werewolf… well, you get the idea. But I think writing transgender characters is a bit of … Read more