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Supergirl to Fight Transphobic Villain


Supergirl will go to battle with a transphobic villain alongside trans superhero Dreamer in an upcoming episode of the hit CW series. Supergirl and Dreamer will go to battle with the villain in a season five episode called “Reality Bytes”, Digital Spy reports. The storyline was revealed in a plot synopsis shared by The CW ahead of the episode’s air date. “Dreamer steps up to protect her community after her roommate is viciously attacked,” the episode’s synopsis said. Full Story From Pink News

VIDEO GAMES: Will “Catherine: Full Body” Be Transphobic?

Catherine: Full Body

Japanese game developer Atlus recently released the trailer for the upcoming game, Catherine: Full Body. The game, a remake of the adventure puzzle-platformer Catherine, introduces a new character who many fans are claiming is transphobic. The original game, according to The Daily Dot, ‘deals with Vincent Brooks, a 32-year-old bachelor who keeps pushing off marriage with his long-time girlfriend, Katherine McBride.’ ‘After Vincent cheats on Katherine with a mysterious woman called Catherine, he begins having nightmares where he must climb enormous towers while being chased by monsters. The game does this by blending narrative-driven gameplay with puzzle-platforming levels, allowing for … Read more