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Wilson Cruz on Discovery’s Queer Appeal

Wilson Cruz - Twitter

As Dr Hugh Culber in Star Trek: Discovery, Wilson Cruz became the gay man who saved the universe. But the actor has been fighting for change ever since his career began, deciding to be his true self from the start. In playing Rickie Vasquez on My So-Called Life, he became the first out gay actor to play a lead gay character in an American television series. PinkNews caught up with him before the Discovery season four premiere – yes, before it was announced it wouldn’t be on Netflix. But don’t worry, will premiere in the UK on Friday (26 November) … Read more

TV: Wilson Cruz to Return for Season Two of Star Trek: Discovery

Wilson Cruz - Star Trek Discovery

The following article contains spoilers for the first season of the CBS series. It’s San Diego Comic-Con, one of the biggest entertainment and fan conventions in the world, and that means juicy info on all our favorite projects. This time it’s Star Trek: Discovery’s turn. At the start of the first season, it received praise for placing a gay relationship front and center. They even gave us our first ever gay kiss in the Star Trek franchise. Anthony Rapp and Wilson Cruz play Lieutenant Paul Stamets, the ship’s top scientist, and Dr Hugh Culber, Discovery’s medical officer, respectively. When Hugh … Read more

TV: Cruz, Rapp Discuss Gay Relationship on Star Trek: Discovery

Star Trek: Discovery

Out actors Wilson Cruz and Anthony Rapp sat down with CBS News to discuss the upcoming tv series Star Trek: Discovery, in which they play the first gay characters in a Star Trek TV series. Rapp points out that the previous “gay” relationship in Star Trek (a lesbian kiss on Deep Space Nine) involved someone who was not human and not necessarilyl gendered. Said Rapp: “It’s not to denigrate [that]. [In Discovery], this is the first time two human beings were born themselves and as the gender that they were born who are in love with each other as the … Read more