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Queer Sci Fi Flash Fiction Contest “Flight” – Judge’s Choice – J. Scott Coatsworth

We’ve wrapped up the judging of the Third Annual QSF Flash Fiction Contest, so we’ll be sharing the top stories – first the top three, then the individual Judge’s Choice stories – something new we are doing this year. We had some fantastic submissions this year – congrats to everyone! All stories were limited to 300 words max, with the theme “flight”. These stories will all appear in the forthcoming “Flight” anthology – more details soon. Our final Judge’s Choice story is Scott’s pick: Zev de Valera’s great little shaker story – you’ll see what I mean – congrats, Zev! … Read more

Interview: Zev de Valera, Author of the Ring of Amentotep Series


Today we’ve got another exclusive interview for you, with QSFer Zev de Valera, author of the Ring of Amentotep Series. Enjoy! QSF: So you’re writing an MM series – how would you describe it, in a nutshell? A Brazil nut? I love Brazil nuts. OK. I’ll be serious. It began as a short story for a ‘gay superhero’ open call, but was picked up as a stand-alone short. The series idea came when my editor said: stop with the cliff-hangers unless you intend this to be a series. So, I fleshed out the idea of this regular guy who comes … Read more

Announcement: Origins, by Zev de Valera

QSFer Zev de Valera has a new historical fantasy book out, book 2 in his Amenhotep series: A new relationship. An ancient ring that you’ve slipped upon your finger. So far, so good. Life is looking up. But then you uncover the mystery surrounding that golden ring. Your life will never be the same. So it is for veterinarian Julian Wingate. Struggling to come to terms with the ancient power which can be wielded by the Talisman Ring of Amenhotep, Julian must work to hold together his relationship with his lover, Dinesh Daas, who harbors his own dark secrets, while … Read more