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TECH: My Flying Car is Almost Here

flying car

Traffic could be a thing of the past if this new concept design from Airbus ever comes to fruition.

The Pop.Up is the aircraft company’s epic idea for a hybrid driving and flying machine that would serve commuters in a transportation network. Its detachable capsule connects to either a four-wheeled driving base or a set of high-tech wings, depending on road conditions.

Simply plug your destination into the capsule’s app, wait for it to arrive, and let it drive or fly you from Point A to B.

By Suzy Strutner – Full Story at The Huffington Post


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1 thought on “TECH: My Flying Car is Almost Here”

  1. Sorry Scott but this is about as practical as a rubber crutch except for the ultra wealthy possibly. A vehicle that has to lift itself is never going to be as efficient as a vehicle with wheels until we have very low energy consumption anti gravity. So just from a global warming standpoint not practical until we have carbon neutral energy in very compact and cheap form and the mentioned anti gravity..

    Such a flying car system will also need a very sophisticated automatic guidance system. Look how many we kill world wide per year with manual control cars. How many with a million flying vehicles in New York air space daily, multiplied world wide? Just from a take off and landing standpoint they need to be VTOL configuration and park in the same or less area than a current car.

    The flying vehicle has been proposed and prototypes built virtually continuously since the 1920s and is still not a commercially available and viable item at a reasonable price. IMO just not a practical item with current population and traffic density I am afraid. Sorry but I am a pessimist on the likelihood of this one.


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