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TECH: Ride the BFR From New York to Los Angeles in 25 Minutes


Elon Musk laid out a set of ambitious plans on Thursday for a vehicle he has dubbed the Big Fucking Rocket (BFR). The massive spaceship will not only ferry people around on Earth in minuscule amounts of time compared to modern jet travel. It will one day in the not too distant future (2024, to be exact) ferry humans to a colony on Mars.

Wired reports:

In a promotional video, SpaceX says the BFR will be able to fly into the planet’s orbit and travel with a maximum speed of 27,000kmh. It says a flight from Hong Kong to Singapore would take 22 minutes; London to Dubai 29 minutes; and London to New York 30 minutes.

By Andy Towle – Full Story at Towleroad.com

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