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Ten Years From Today

2025 Niketown

I’m writing a near-future story – one of several I’ve been working on. And it got me thinking.

Ten years ago, many of the tech toys we take for granted – the iPhone, iPad/tablets, Twitter, and many more didn’t even exist. And Facebook was a small website for connecting students on college campuses.

So I’m asking everyone to dust off their crystal balls and answer this question:

What are three transformative technologies or gadgets we will take for granted in 2025 that either don’t exist yet or are in their infancies today?


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1 thought on “Ten Years From Today”

  1. That’s a tough-y.

    I’m sure cars will have more automatic safety features. A few can already park for you, so why not change lanes for you? Keep a safe distance from the car in front of you? And way back in the 50s, they did promise us flying cars, right?

    I already have an automatic stapler (which I used in a story once and got told it was unrealistic). And an automatic can opener which my arthritic wrists love. More kitchen gadgets. More health-related gadgets. More ways to kill each other.

    If you consider medical tech, lots more things that save or prolong lives. (While still leaving children to starve, sadly.) Somebody will finally develop a weight loss pill that works and a hair restorer that works, so we can all be thin and have movie-star hair.

    Lots of transplants and artificial body parts. (My dental implant might need to be re-seated in my jawbone. I laughed and laughed when the dentist told me they already have artificial “graft in a bottle”. No, srsly. Those were her words.)

    A pill that changes hair color or length or goes from curly to straight and back. I’d buy that one.

    New ways to learn–implanting info directly into your brain or taking a pill. Wasn’t there a study that showed that if you feed the brain of a rat that knows the maze to one that doesn’t, the knowledge is transferred? Yum. Braaaaains. (Or if you’re vegan, Graaaains.)

    For a writer, just google what you need and chances are it already exists or the basis for it already exists.

    And then write a story in which it all goes horribly wrong.


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