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That Thing I Just Read

That Thing I Just Read

Welcome to “That Thing I Just Read (TTIJR) day on Queer Sci Fi.


This is a weekly Friday reader feature where you can:

a) share the great queer spec fic (sci fi, fantasy, horror, or paranormal) book you just read, and why you loved it so…

b) ask for queer spec fic book recommendations.

Please follow these guidelines:

  1. Make it a stand-alone post, not a comment on this post
  2. Do not promo your own books
  3. Please do not share negative posts/reviews. This is about sharing books we loved.

If you have any questions, message any of our admins – Scott, Angel, Ben or Ryane.

Have fun!

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1 thought on “That Thing I Just Read”

  1. Murmuration by T.J.Klune Sci fi/fantasy . A man finds himself in an idyllic town, with no memories of his past only to start hearing voices that are not there, and having memories that are not his own. I have enjoyed many of T.J.Klune’s books particularly Green Creek series. His characters have depth and his way of sharing the characters internal and external dialogues is really enjoyable and often very natural/authentic. I appreciate the diversities of the worlds he creates. This book was a bit more experitmental and takes a bit to reveal a significant twist. Give it a try.


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