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The Eternals’ Hercules May Be Marvel’s First gay Movie Superhero

Marvel is reportedly planning to make Greek demi-god Hercules its first gay superhero on film in upcoming blockbuster The Eternals.

The groundbreaking move, reported by news site MCU Cosmic, follows the news last month that Marvel was searching for a gay male actor to play the film’s lead.

The studio was looking to cast a man between the ages of 30 and 49 who is preferably open about their sexuality and able to “physically look like a superhero,” according to popular culture site That Hashtag Show.

Full Story: Josh Jackman, Pink News

1 thought on “The Eternals’ Hercules May Be Marvel’s First gay Movie Superhero”

  1. I am glad that they are looking for an actor who is gay and not more of getting a straight actor to play gay. It’s insulting when they engage in this practice.


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