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The Fourth (Semi) Annual Me Me Awards


Today the winners of the Rainbow Awards are being announced. I want to give a hearty congratulations to everyone who won – this is your day. You buckled down and worked hard, and it’s a wonderful thing that you won the award.

Oh, I know, it’s an honor to be nominated, right? And yeah, it actually kind of is, because it means someone thought highly enough of you and your work to put me up next to all of those other great authors.

But for everyone who didn’t win the award today (and even for those of you who did), we’re bringing back the Me Me Awards again – where everyone’s a winner, because you are both the nominator and the judge of your own work.

So let’s kick off the ceremony. Nominate and choose yourself for awards in the appropriate categories.


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4 thoughts on “The Fourth (Semi) Annual Me Me Awards”

  1. I’ll nominate myself for the Perseverance Award, for plugging away at writing and submitting even if I haven’t sold anything this year. Also, for writing and posting at least one flash fiction a week on my blog.
    “I’d like to thank Myself, my family, everyone who voted for me and everyone who read anything I wrote. I also want to thank Clyde Crashcup, Henry Kuttner, Terry B. Jones, Oscar Wilde, the entire cast of South Pacific, everyone on the…hey! Don’t play that music! I’m not done yet! Hey! Don’t play me off!! Hey! Scott! Angel! Anybody! Heyyyyyyy…”

  2. I’ll nominate myself for the Capture Ideas award, since I held onto them, retrieved them when they tried to sink back into the morass of my imagination, and writing them down, even if not all of them have blossomed into poems, stories, or essays yet. :)

  3. I nominate myself for the Determination Award. After my laptop crashed and I lost everything, I started over and am 75% complete with one title. My goal is to publish it at the beginning of the new year.

  4. I nominate myself for the Repeat Offender Award because I’m self-aware enough to understand I’m writing the same trope(s) over and over. Thank you so much! It’s an honor just to be nominated but, of course, winning is everything!


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