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The Next 800K Years in Sci Fi Predictions

Photo by Michel du Cille/The Washington Post
Photo by Michel du Cille/The Washington Post

When will humans land on Venus? When will we have robot cats? And when will the aliens finally come? Science fiction offers some potential answers to these burning questions.

The timeline below, created by designer Giorgia Lupi and her design team at Accurat for the blog Brain Pickings, lays out 62 future events predicted by various works of science fiction, from “Hunger Games” to Isaac Asimov.

Here’s a selection:

2012: The Titanic is resurrected from the ocean floor. (“The Ghost from the Grand Banks,” Arthur C. Clarke)

2019: The U.S. loses its position as world leader to Japan. Extraterrestrial life is detected. (“The Sparrow,” Marry D. Russel)

2020: The Internet can be accessed directly through your brain. (“Air,” Geoff Ryman)

2024: After WW4, women become a scarce natural resource. (“A Boy and His Dog,” Harlan Ellison)

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