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Time for the First Ad on the Moon?


Most people outside of Asia are unfamiliar with Pocari Sweat, a Japanese sports drink that tastes like Gatorade and resembles, well, sweat. That might change when Pocari Sweat becomes the first product advertised on the surface of the moon.

In the latter half of 2016, an American firm devoted to space exploration, Space X, plans to land a rover on the moon. Among the rover’s cargo: a can of Pocari Sweat, which will be left on a lunar plain near a giant crater named Buerg. The goal, as stated by Pocari Sweat, is for a modern-day child to someday become an astronaut and eventually drink its contents.

Brace yourself for the era of lunar advertising. Pocari Sweat’s grandiose stunt is likely to become a trend, not an anomaly.

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