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Time to Refill the Topics Bucket

rainbow bucket

Hey all,

Once again, the well has gone dry. So it’s time to pipe in and tell us what you want to discuss over the next few months.

Please type your ideas in the comments below, and indicate if they are for writers, readers, or both:

WRITERS: What do you do when you get stuck on a WIP?
READERS: Which of the Harry Potter characters did you most want to be queer and why?
BOTH: Where is queer romance going in the next five years? Ten? Twenty?

Thanks all!


3 thoughts on “Time to Refill the Topics Bucket”

  1. Take a break and think about why I’m stuck. If thinking doesn’t work, I write about why. Harry, because I found his relationships with Draco, Ron, Snape, and Sirius to be stronger and more strongly connected with the plot than his relationships with Cho and Ginny. Although I could see him in a threesome with Ron and Hermione…they pretty much were a threesome throughout the series. Hopefully, it will become so mainstream, a threesome won’t raise an eyebrow.

  2. For Readers: What were moments particularly special to you in a book?

    For Writers: If you want to self publish, where do you begin?

    For Both: What story details did you read which inspired particular aspects in your own work?


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