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TRAILER: Sense8 Season Two

Sense8 Trailer

Netflix has released the trailer for the upcoming second season of “Sense8.”
The trailer shows the Sense8 members becoming closer and learning more about their mental connection to each other. The eight are still under threat by the organization Whispers who consider the Sense8 crew, “a threat to secrecy.”

Season two will have a shakeup in the cast. Toby Onwumere is now the new face of the Kenyan bus driver Capheus. While the exact reason for the switch is unknown there were rumors Aml Ameen, the original Capheus, had made transphobic comments about executive producer Lana Wachowski.

Star Jamie Clayton, who is also transgender, denied the rumors telling BuzzFeed it was just creative differences.

By Mariah Cooper – Full Story at The Washington Blade

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