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Transhumanism and the LGBT Community


Today’s topic comes from QSFer Jim Comer:

“Transhumanism and whether *sexuality* or *sex* will matter/could matter at all in a transhuman setting. Transhumanism takes many forms. AI is one of them. Others involve ideas such as immortality, bionics, cryonics and so on. Given the right-wing nuttiness of many hard-SF and transhumanist authors, what are some QUILTBAG answers?”

Jim provided this link to give is a better idea what he is talking about:

Many sci fi authors have long predicted that humanity would eventually evolve, one way or another, to a transhuman or post-human state – something beyond what we are now. We might “live” in an advanced computer or network memory system. Or another dimension. We might find a way to effectively live forever. Or we might just change beyond recognition of our current selves.

So what are the opportunities here to get at some of the central truths of our community through the lens of transhumanism? Or to put it another way, if we don’t have bodies, or if our bodies are modified beyond all recognition, does, sex, sexuality, and an LGBT identity still matter?

Image via Extreme Tech


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