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Tune Tune Thursday???

MI0000932396WTF? It is hardly Thursday and I am promoting an out of sequence Tune Tune Tuesday post. Live with it.

What Broadway songs have influenced you – or are influencing you now? Does musical theater even matter to you?

It does to me. Musical theater was my first introduction to the ‘gay’ world. Oh, yes, theater is gay. Argue how you may to the contrary, theater is gay – especially musical theater. We own the fucking genre!


Think about those lusty sailors in South Pacific: There is Nothing Like a Dame? Right. There is nothing like a dame, except a cute Polynesian boy sucking your dick.

Ooops! Was that politically incorrect?

Fuck it.

OK. Back to Theater.

What songs from the rich history or American (and British – we will give obeisance to ALW, et al) musical theater speak to you? What songs from your favorite musicals have influenced your writing … your ideas?

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