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Turning History Gay

Arthur Lancelot Gay

Today is Fantasy day on the blog and at the QSF discussions page on Facebook. Today I’m in an Arthurian mood.

The King Arthur legend was put together from a series of historical facts and stories at a certain point in time, so it’s not really accurate to call it “history”. Nevertheless, it’s historical in that it does reflect a certain point in time in what’s now the UK.

But what if Arthur had been gay, and had betrayed Guinevere with Lancelot instead of the other way around?

We have a rich tradition of Fantasy novels based on history (or in some cases – Guy Gavriel Kay, I’m looking at you – on the “feeling” of history in various places.

So what if we re-told some of these well-known stories with an LGBT angle?

So my questions to you today: What legend or historical story would you like to recast as an LGBT Fantasy? And have you read any books that have done this, and how successful were they?

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