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TV: Anna Panquin Shows Up in “Electric Dreams”

Electric Dreams

With Kiwi hero Anna Paquin gracing Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams this week, some of The Spinoff’s greatest minds* attempt to dissect her reality-bending episode.

If you haven’t heard of Philip K Dick’s Electric Dreams by now, it’s basically a buzzy anthology series from the dude who dreamed up Blade Runner that burrows deep into your brain grapes. With every episode set in a different world, with different characters and themes, prepare for a Black Mirror-style pick n’ mix of the full human experience. Bhuja mix, caramels, the whole lot.

After watching the premiere episodes and picking up the pieces over email, The Spinoff’s Alex Casey and José Barbosa reconvene online to solve yet another existential riddle. This time, the riddler is one of our own: Anna Paquin.

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