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TV: Lesbian Batwoman Makes Her Debut on CW

Batwoman + Supergirl

Ruby Rose has appeared as lesbian superhero Batwoman for the first time—and not only do fans love her, but they also want her to get together with Supergirl.

The Australian actress made her debut as Kate Kane on Monday (December 10) in The CW’s “Elseworlds” crossover event and fans are convinced that her two scenes with Supergirl included heavy flirting.

After Kate bails out The Flash‘s Barry Allen, Arrow‘s Oliver Queen and Supergirl’s alter ego Kara Danvers, Kara tells Batman’s cousin that she has “500 fewer tattoos” than other billionaires she’s met.

“Those are the ones that you can see,” quips Kate, making Kara laugh and look flustered before responding unconvincingly: “It’s a mystery.”

By Josh Jackson – Full Story at Pink News

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