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TV Was 10.2% Queer This Year

GLAAD’s recently released annual study of LGBTQ characters on TV found that 10.2% of regular characters on broadcast scripted primetime television this season are LGBTQ — meeting GLAAD’s 2018 goal of reaching a 10% threshold by 2020. GLAAD now wants to reach 25% by 2025.

But reaching GLAAD’s 2018 goal came about largely thanks to just four very influential TV producers: Greg Berlanti, Lena Waithe, Ryan Murphy, and ally Shonda Rhimes. Together, the LGBTQ characters in their 22 shows account for 14% of all LGBTQ representation on broadcast scripted primetime TV.

“While we celebrate the outstanding projects from these creators, diverse and accurate inclusion must be an institutionalized value at every network, studio, and production company rather than dependent on the whims of who each service may have a deal with,” wrote GLAAD Executive Director Sarah Kate Ellis.

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