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TV: Who Will Be the New Batwoman?

Batwoman - Ruby Rose

Ruby Rose announced this week that she will not be returning to Batwoman for season two, and some high profile stars are already talking about replacing her.

The CW series kicked off last year with Rose, who is a lesbian, in the titular role – but this week it was revealed that she will not be returning to the set and her character will be recast.

When Batwoman producers said they will cast an openly LGBT+ star in the role, two high-profile figures threw their hats into the ring: Brooklyn Nine-Nine actress Stephanie Beatriz and WWE star Sonya Deville.

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1 thought on “TV: Who Will Be the New Batwoman?”

  1. Ugh… I’m still so upset by this. like… well, first, I have no idea who is even gonna be able to replace her. I loved her and… at this point I don’t care. I am mainly so conflicted with this because on the one hand, I’m just– WhyTF did Ruby even bother?! She shouldn’t have picked up this series if she was unwilling to commit! But then at the same time I’m just, like, whatever, her reasons are her own. She doesn’t owe us any explanation, but I just can’t help but feel angry/sad and frustrated. She was so perfect for this show and role.. I was loving it. Now It’s just ruined and I’m sad/angry. lol… so yeah.. I have no idea, but if it’s down to those two… well… I might choose Sonya Deville. however, Stephanie Beatriz is probably the better actress between the two… so.. again, I just dunno… v___v


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