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U=(N/T)M*G: Immortal

Quantum physics is weird. Actually, quantum anything is really damned baffling. I know we’re learning awesome stuff about the universe from the quantum sciences, but honestly, most of the science goes way above my head. I think I’ve got the gist of this, though.

So, the Laws of Thermodynamics are a thing. Life and death all follow these Laws down to the last syllable in some form or another. Everything in the universe is ruled by these Laws on some level. Quantum particles aren’t any different. Sometimes we get a surprise, on the other hand. Like a particle that bends the Laws so hard I’m honestly surprised they’re still intact.

Meet the quasiparticle. It’s not exactly a particle, but it sorta is. It comes in several types: Phonons and Polarons, Magnons and Rotons, for starters. And some don’t die.

Let me clarify that. They do, but then rise out of the ashes like a phoenix, the same as they were before. The mechanism is strange and fun to think about, but I’ve got other interesting ideas here.

Immortality. Straight up, no-holds-barred immortality. Genetic modification that incorporates these particles at the cellular level and keeps people regenerating forever. Looking for that scientific explanation for the long life of paranormals or preternaturals? This might be the way to go.

Also, it might end up a great way to cure disease. A disease can’t kill a person if the cells just regenerate after it’s destroyed. Or hell, what better way to deep space travel, to seed other planets, than the crew living long enough to make the journey, with or without FTL capabilities? And no need to worry about cell death when cryogenically frozen!

The possible uses for this device in a plot are almost unlimited, with a little work. I honestly can’t wait to see how people use this idea in there own stories.

T.A. Creech

Science in the pursuit of fiction.

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    • I appreciate the comment. Mostly, I just like talking about the cool science stuff I find for writing in our little niche and there’s no way I can write all this coolness. Better to share it than horde it, you know? If you find something in these posts to spark your writing brain, by all means, use it!


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