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U=(N/T)M*G: Big Bangs and Black Holes

A lot of writers are under the impression that science is great for research, but not so much for plot ideas. That’s what inspired me to write this blog about science. That, and an astrophysicist friend of mine. I’m also honor bound to inform that I’m not a college educated scientist.

So, to start, let’s talk about black holes and the Big Bang.

A black hole eats everything. Light, energy, matter. Everything. And it tears it all down into energy which it holds on to until the black hole dies, which takes trillions of years. They’re cannibals too.

So, I asked my friend, what happens when there’s nothing but black holes left? He tells me that, most likely, they’ll eat each other until there is one hyper massive black hole standing like a behemoth at the end of it all. Then I asked him, what happens to all the energy squeezed into a pin point inside that last black hole once it decays or eats itself?

To say my astrophysicist friend was gob smacked by the question would be an understatement. See where this is going, right? Big bang.

Then my mind started spinning out ideas with the dots I had connected, the first being about a sentient internet that proves it’s sentience with the Bangs and black holes cycle. Of course, my friend supplied the possible math formula for this concept: U=(N/T)M*G.

Other plots started to niggle at me after that. If the Universe was really a cycle of Bangs and black holes, how far do the events deviate each time? Could we leave messages in the CMB for us to find in the next cycle? If other sentient species are out there in the Universe, do they have answers to the questions above?

Better questions pop up all the time when dealing with such a hypothesis. Personally, I love it. Wonder what other ideas will pop up as I work with this one?

And hopefully, I’ll see this idea utilized in an awesome piece of writing in the future.


-T.A. Creech

Author of LGBT romance and speculative fiction.

Science in the pursuit of Fiction.

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