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Update on submission calls and my philosophy on what to post


I’ve had a bit of a crisis in terms of how I should approach the task of filtering submission calls before I post. I strive to make this blog LGBTQ-inclusive and to help in protecting underrepresented writers from marginalization during the submissions process. But sometimes I make mistakes.

Read the full post on Dale Cameron Lowry’s blog for writers.

2 thoughts on “Update on submission calls and my philosophy on what to post”

  1. I’m sorry this happened but please don’t give up or stop. Don’t give them that power. I love this site and check it regularly as a queer writer. 🙂

  2. Hi

    I chanced on this page while looking for work. I am simply amazed by the diversity of posts/articles, creativity here, wow doesn’t even sum it up

    To the creators of this site – thank you for creating a place for the writers to showcase their talent

    To the writers featured here and not featured here – Cheers people! I know it is not easy to write, not easy to put things down slouched for long hours in front of your screens/typewriters [Yes, I first started on a Remington, before the PC came] – Know this writer, that the world of words you spin, creates a haven for someone, somewhere out there. Keep up the good work

    Cheers to all


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