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Using Prologues

Star Wars Prologue

Today’s topic comes from QSFer Violet Joicey-Cowen – “To prologue or not to prologue, that is the question…”

I’ve used prologues sparingly – in fact, I have one in the story I’m writing now – sort of – it’s a flash-forward that sets up a part of the story later on.

I’ve also used them Robert-Jordan style, and of course, Anne McCaffery was famous for her Pern prologues. And don’t get me started on Star Wars.

But I’ve also been criticized for using them in the past, especially when they represent an omniscient POV.

So what’s your take? As a writer, do you use them, and why? Have you ever been called on them? As a reader, do you love or loathe prologues? And what are some of the best (or worst) ones you have read?

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