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Valkyrie Will ‘Push the Bounds of’ Queer Representation

Tessa Thompson

Tessa Thompson has said that the next phase of Marvel films will “push the bounds” of representation.

The Thor star plays the superhero Valkyrie – who is bisexual in the comics but has so far had most references to her sexuality left on the cutting room floor.

Thompson has already told fans to expect a queer storyline in in the upcoming Thor: Love and Thunder, teasing that as Asgard’s new king, “she needs to find her queen.”

In an interview with Ramy Youssef for Variety last week, the out film star again committed herself to more representation.

She said: “In the next phase of Marvel, we’re looking at what representation looks like in these spaces, because the truth is these movies travel globally in such huge ways, and if you can represent people that are of colour, if you can represent people with disabilities, if you can represent the LGBTQIA community inside of these films, it’s a pretty big deal.

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