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VIDEO GAMES: ‘Destiny 2’ Guardians Saint and Osiris are Gay and in Love

Destiny 2 Guardians Saint and Osiris

Robert Brookes, the narrative designer behind Bungie’s popular video game Destiny 2, has put to rest discussion on gaming forums about the relationship between two of the game’s Guardians, Saint-14 and Osiris.

Writes Paul Tassi for Forbes: “The clues started being dropped less subtly this season when Osiris was finding notes Saint had hidden in his ship, and Saint started referring to him as ‘my fiery phoenix.’ Then I was pointed to dialogue in the season where the Drifter made remarks about the pair of them being together, and then it hit me that yeah, maybe if you break time to save your friend from death, risking the fate of the entire world, maybe you are more than friends.”

Brookes shared a lengthy thread on Twitter revealing that yes, Saint and Osiris are gay and in love.

Wrote Brookes: “Sit for a minute When I was young, questioning my sexuality and not quite understanding who I was, I had a lot of people speculating ‘is he gay?’ or other way less friendly slurs. I didn’t know the answer to that, because I didn’t know what bisexuality was when I was a teenager. I was confused by myself because I didn’t have any proper education, and once I knew what bisexuality was I didn’t really know what it meant because I lived in a rural part of the US, had never (knowingly) met another bi person, and couldn’t find representation of them in media.”

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